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About Us

Hello, we are Marshall and Brenda Meadows -- a husband and wife team that has chronicled people's lives through photographic images professionally for more than 20 years.
Our reason for wanting to photograph life-changing events or lasting expressions is because we understand that loved ones, special moments, places and events are what make life fulfilling. How better to preserve those memories than through photos?

Because Marshall has also had a successful career as a painter and Brenda was employed as photojournalist for more than a decade, their photography has also made its mark as an art form that enhances people's lives, homes and offices. "Meadows Images" has an eye for what works in style, color and motif. A beautiful or artistic photograph in the right frame or mounting proves the old Chinese proverb "One picture is worth ten thousand words." So, some artistic images in our gallery are available in large formats, even on canvas, for your homes and offices.

Weddings, birthday or anniversary parties, engagement announcements, reunions, candid shots of children at play, an actual birth or posed portrait – we capture the present to preserve it for the future.

We opened our Bransonheadshots.com division because we have had so many requests and referrals for headshots. This is one of our specialties!